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Explore our comprehensive resources for product information, or learn how to become a Windsor Doors partner and enhance your business offerings. Join us and discover the benefits of partnering with a leader in garage door solutions.

Windsor Door Partner Promise

Join over 3,000 partners across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico who thrive with Windsor Door. Our partners appreciate the extensive range of high-quality residential and commercial doors, complemented by our exceptional customer service and sales support. We’re known for our competitive pricing and the outstanding quality built into every product, which makes our partners competitive in the market with homeowners and builders alike. Coupled with accurate and on-time delivery, Windsor Door is the manufacturer that supports your success.

Why Partner with Windsor Door

Windsor's industry guidance, knowledge, and support help bring differentiation outside of your competitors.

Contractor Success

Contractors are experts in their trade, Windsor Door helps contractors grow and become more stable, they become a better partner to your business.

Data Insights

By partnering with Windsor Door, you will have a front row view into steel industry and metals bank.

Industry Knowledge

Windsor Door is committed to a consistent level of service across our programs. We believe in this philosophy so much that we require our sales team to have experience servicing home builders on a local level.

Additional Incentives

Windsor Door offers loyalty incentives to help deliver the most competitive program.

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Discover our extensive range of products in the Garage Door Gallery. View options that cater to diverse client needs and inspire your offerings as a Windsor Doors partner.











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